Our Testing Process

After dozens of successful proof-of-concepts (POC) we have a unique approach that assures success.

Testing Process

Tested in over 35 countries, our simple process makes verification of your use-case easy.


Visit our private lab in Clearwater, Florida for a hands-on experience to understand what each product does and how to best leverage it.


We come to you and demonstrate our technology in your production field: we’ll provide the equipment (i.e. mobile phones) and SIM cards (if appropriate) on your network.


Experience our technology first hand using your network, your phones, and your SIM card (or appropriate equipment)


Deploy production technology in the field with a subset of users (If for ODEN-T, we recommend starting with about 2mm users)


Innovative products for Sea. Air. Land. Television.Cellphone. Satellite. Quantum Resistant.