TIMMES Inc is known as the original wire cutters in Teleradiology™

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has awarded TIMMES a patent for the “Method for the Integration of Medical Imaging Data and Content for Wireless Transmission and Remote Viewing.”

The patent applies to the transmission of medical images through any wireless domain or network, including, but are not limited to, cell phone networks and satellite transmissions, according to the St. Petersburg, Fla.-based company.

The company said that data received is totally lossless and is wrapped with an impenetrable security encryption. The technology is compatible with any network, either wired or wireless operating systems, and can be implemented across existing PACS/RIS systems and networks from other providers.

TIMMES™, Inc. created products for the design, implementation, support, and evaluation of picture archiving and communications systems (PACS), wireless and wired teleradiology, and related telemedicine projects.

The company developed one of the world’s most ambitious teleradiology and informatics systems. The digital image management enterprise-wide project will eventually support well over one million studies per year throughout the state, as well as a number of national sites. In addition, TIMMES™, Inc. is a major participant in the development of an enterprise-wide integrated multimedia electronic medical record.

Research projects currently underway include: PACS, wireless teleradiology, and telemedicine, workstation design, distributed object thin client development, wavelet-based image representation/ compression, multimedia education authoring, and viewing tool development, electronic medical record infrastructure development, medical decision making, and ROC analysis.

Protected with PTO Patent No.7,379,605 for a wireless, compressed, ultra secure and lossless wavelet-based image distribution mechanism, dynamic transfer syntax (DTS) named Method for the Integration of Medical Imaging Data and Content for Wireless Transmission and Remote Viewing (MIMIDCWTRV™) was first developed within the company.

MIMIDCWTRV™ shows great results in providing cost-effective, high performance, and scalable ubiquitous distribution of original fidelity medical images throughout any local or regional enterprise using relatively modest network and remote client resources. Based on the local success, the technology has been patented and commercialized by TIMMES™, Inc. In its sixth year of installing the commercial teleradiology product, TIMMES™ was being used in over 136 sites within the United States.

The company enjoys significant and unusually generous resources including: a very capable software development staff; systems design and administration personnel; dedicated clinical operations and support staff; end-user support-training staff and facility; and a comprehensive multimedia content development staff and lab.

Physical resources include a state of the art data center with generous training and laboratory space, extensive MS, NT, UNIX, and Macintosh server resources, and a dedicated OC-12 network backbone.

We create a very powerful and scalable acquisition and viewing station for all imaging machines. The MIMIDCWTRV station can be connected to any type of machines whether it is dicom or non-dicom “using video or digital interface”.

One of the important features is that it can convert the non-dicom acquisition into a dicom one providing a huge amount of functions and facilities for image information, archiving and processing.

TIMMES wins patent wireless transfer of medical images