ODEN-T: for cellular data in transit

3G speeds on 2G. 4G speeds on 3G.

About ODEN-T

TIMMES’ Optimized Data Environment for Network Centric Operations-T (ODEN-T) is a proprietary mobile data compression and transport acceleration technology designed to reduce the effect of downlink latency at the cellular handset and improve the efficiency of the TELCO’s RF spectrum. TIMMES’ ODEN-T technology dramatically improves the downlink RF spectrum efficiency, average of 40% bandwidth savings, and reduces or eliminates handset wait times. Specifically, ODEN-T provides the following benefits:


Improved efficiency of downlink data transmitted over the RF bandwidth


Improved performance in geographic areas of reduced service coverage


Improved performance in geographic areas of low signal strength


Improved performance in highly congested areas such as urban cities


Reduction or elimination of handset wait time for data and video downloads


No reduction in optical clarity to the handset user


Specifically, ODEN-T provides the following top 10 benefits:

  1. RF Spectrum Savings – 20% – 80% savings in RF bandwidth, with an overall average savings of 40%

  2. Mobile Operating Systems – Supports all, including Android and iOS, and all handset providers

  3. Pre-Pay vs. Post Pay – Performs equally well for both systems

  4. File and Data Types – Works on all file and data types, including streaming use cases

  5. Handset Wait Times – Greatly reduced or eliminated

  6. Downloads – Displayed much faster with minimal or no buffering

  7. Reduced Service Areas – Reception greatly enhanced – fewer dropped calls – increased coverage – improved handset performance

  8. Highly Congested Urban Areas – Fewer dropped calls – improved handset performance

  9. Display Screen – Improved optical clarity

  10. Handset Battery – Longer working periods between battery charges

ODEN-T Value Proposition

Our ODEN-T product is unlike any other.

As ODEN-T is not an application on the smartphone, the installation requirements for ODEN-T at the TELCO are minimal.  ODEN-T will be installed at the Network Operations Center (NOC) and hosted on a transparent proxy server or cloud-based server.  Connectivity is provided via two ports, one routable to the internet and one to receive requests from the smartphone for routing to the ODEN-T proxy server.  The ODEN-T proxy server receives the smartphone data request and routes these requests to the media provider via the internet. The requested data is sent back to the ODEN-T proxy server for compression and routed to the smartphone.  Note, the data received from the ODEN-T server by the smartphone is ready for immediate viewing on receipt. An internal cache in the ODEN-T server will store any images, video, and CSS information in both the compressed and uncompressed state. IP metrics will be fed to the ODEN-T server and used to determine the outgoing and originating client IP address.


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