Unparalleled compression for data at rest.

About ODEN-M

ODEN-M is a powerful data compression technology that offers significant space savings and compression ratios across all file formats and data types, including very unique compression capabilities for highly compressed file formats. The massive parallel processor compression engine utilizes all available cores to optimize compression time. This technology implements seamlessly and can be hosted on Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA), allowing native device embedment.


ODEN-M supports compression of all computerized data and optimized for uncompressed, native file formats (e.g. DOC, PDF, TXT, . . . ). A 3rd party evaluation of this technology found superior compression performance and speed compared to GZIP and BZIP2.


ODEN-M software is installed at endpoints with direct access to storage repositories. The compression algorithm provides single pass compression. Data is verified by micro-block as stored, and re-verified by macro-blocks.


This technology achieves compression ratios of 3.62:1 to 1002.16:1, depending on file type, offering dramatic improvement in data storage savings. This capability especially benefits data storage providers with a low cost, efficient process to quickly compress large data files for deep, glacier storage.


ODEN-M is a cold storage technology solution capable of supporting all object storage use cases today. ODEN-M data compression can be used in conjunction with MAGNUS to further increase SATCOM network efficiency.

ODEN-M Value Statement

TIMMES’ Optimized Data Environment for Network Centric Operations Multithreaded (ODEN-M) technology provides for single pass data compression ratios from 3.62:1 to 1002.16:1 dependent on file type and size. The significance of ODEN-M is it increases storage up to 2x of the spinning drive. ODEN-M uses multi-core technology, scaling the existing CPUs for optimum data compression. Meaning, if there are 64 cores available, ODEN-M will efficiently use them to provide lossless data compression in seconds. Decompression is equally fast with MD5 validated results confirming complete restoration of the original data file. ODEN-M achieves best results with easily compressible native file formats such as PDF, XLS, CVS, DOC, and TXT.


In operation, ODEN-M’s massively parallel processor compression engine verifies the data’s micro-blocks and reverifies associated macro-blocks. In comparison, redundant data blocks are not stored. The performance of ODEN-M is based on linear scalability and utilization of multi-core, multi-threaded processors to dramatically reduce compression times.


There is no other technology available today that equals the proven performance of ODEN-M for providing single-pass, lossless data compression at greatly reduced times and compression ratios. The commercial value of ODEN-M for data storage/Cloud markets is massive. ODEN-M is production ready for commercial deployment.


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