Introducing OdenBridge

Satellite-internet acceleration for yachts, jets & cruiseships.


OdenBridge is a hardware accelerator that can increase onboard internet speeds by 200% or even more.


Increased saturation, which means you get the full benefit of the satellite data plan you are paying for.


OdenBridge can make the impact between dial-up and broadband speeds, which makes 100% difference.


OdenBridge Hammer Edition is designed for yachts and private jets.

Telecom & Beyond

OdenBridge Valhalla is nearly limitless, and designed for telecommunication providers servicing rural areas.

Enterprise-class for business

OdenBridge Bifrost Edition is designed for cruise ships who are providing internet to customers and internal staff.

Hammer Edition is designed for yachts & jets and supports up to 40,000 concurrent requests and 800 concurrent users.

Bifrost Edition is designed for cruise ships and can support up to 4mm concurrent requests and up to 8,000 users

Designed for telecommunication providers, up to 2 billion concurrent requests and up to 800,000 concurrent users


OdenBridge is an all-inclusive hardware box that connects seamlessly in to an existing network.


The beauty of OdenBridge is the simplicity.  It simply works. Join our growing wait-list to experience the difference.


Proprietary patents accelerate and process all data locally on-site so no data is stored, read, intercepted in any way shape or form.   OdenBridge is simply a pass-through (that works extremely well).

Private Jets

OdenBridge is currently pending FAA approval, and is only available by application on select private jets on certain certificates.

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