Optimized Data Environment for Networks-Modified (ODEN-M) – multi-threaded lossless compressor for dramatically reduced time to compress of all data. Software uses the verification of micro-blocks and reverification of macro-blocks to remove redundant data for storage.

  • Patent #7,379,605 (issued May 27, 2008)
  • 100% lossless compression for easily compressible files
  • Supports compression of all computerized data and optimized for uncompressed, native file formats (e.g., DOC, PDF, TXT, …)
  • Provides for linear scalability, utilizing multi-core, multi-threaded processors for dramatic reductions of compression times
  • 3rd party evaluation of ODEN-M completed in January 2013, demonstrating superior compression performance and speed in comparison to both GZIP and BZIP2.
  • Capable of providing over twice the data storage capacity of other compression technologies.