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The testing process for Timmes technology.
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Testing Process

A proven process

Tested in over 35 countries, our simple process makes verification of your use-case easy.


Test Timmes products in the real-world

  1. Lab – first, visit our private lab in Clearwater, Florida for a hands-on experience to understand what each product does and how to best leverage it.
  2. Alpha: we’ll come to you and demonstrate our technology in your production field: we’ll provide the equipment (i.e. mobile phones) and SIM cards (if appropriate) on your network
  3. Beta: Experience our technology first hand using your network, your phones, and your SIM card (or appropriate equipment)
  4. POC: Deploy production technology in the field with a subset of users (If for ODEN-T, we recommend starting with about 2mm users)

Alpha test

Beta test

Full POC


ODEN Products Deliver Huge ROI

Reduce data wherever it is. Experience it for yourself.

Improve the data speeds on your network

Improve the data speeds on your network

Explore our products.

Reduce the load on your equipment

Reduce the load on your equipment

Explore our products.

Improve customer experience and your bottom line simultaneously.

Improve customer experience and your bottom line simultaneously.

Explore our products.


Latest Posts

Updates from the Timmes product line

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    The approach to technology that our team takes is very different from most.. We believe that your data should be within your control.. With unique patented approaches to securing and compressing dat...

  • Teleradiology

    immes is the wire cutters in Teleradiology™ The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has awarded TIMMES a patent for the “Method for the Integration of Medical Imaging Data and Content for Wireless Tr...

  • Compression as a tool

    Timmes exists to develop highly efficient, software-based data compression technologies for application to all file formats used in data storage, smartphone data transmission, teleradiology, and medic...

Achieve 5G-like speeds now.

With Timmes, the future is already here.

A test is just the tip of the ice-burg

More ODEN = More benefit


The Timmes team will be with you every step of the testing process.

Equipment Configuration

Our engineers on the ground will assist your team with configuring every aspect of the test.

Network test

Our telecommunications and wireless tele-radiology experts are among the best in the world – leverage us for designing the best test for your country, network, or private firm.

Demonstrated Results

Unlike other hardware and software companies, Timmes results are visible instantly: beginning with the very first packet of data that is compressed or secured.

Repeatable ROI

As with all our tests, every element of data compression, transmission, or security delivers not only immediate ROI, but a repeatable path that scales.