ODEN Test Report

TIMMES Testing Methodology ODEN is a software only solution that also functioned as a performance enhancing proxy using a client to server architecture. ODEN uses the same TCP acceleration but also adds the benefit of data compression. ODEN does not accelerate all network traffic but only the data that is transferred using the software application. Test Network Configurations The logical data flow had the client connecting to the target server through the National Institute of Standards Technology (NIST) Net Emulator, which introduced delay and bit error ratio (BER). The multitiered architecture of the test network offered several points from which to mirror and monitor data flow in order to ensure accurate baselines, results, and control functions. All monitoring of the data flow, server states, and switch states was accomplished without introducing extraneous traffic to the network on which the test occurred. ODEN was introduced to the test network by installation of the software on one server computer and the client computer. No other changes to the test network were necessary to allow the software (ODEN) to function as intended. Test File Formats and Sizes ESXi400-201009001_preprocess.zip 328 MB JP2 folder with 8 files 509 MB TIF folder with 4 files 593 MB final_fdmig.sgy 9.50 GB vd345203_preprocess.zip 184 MB W2003ServerSP2.vmdk 123 MB W2003ServerSP2.vmdk 2.10GB wsusoffline-2003_20110105.zip 1.64 GB Test Results The following graphs represent the test of the TIMMES performance enhancing proxy and the ODEN software. ODEN software was installed on both the server and client side of the network. The desired files were then transferred across the test network to determine the speed improvement for transfers. ODEN were compared to the standard HTTP, HTTPS and FTP protocol all file transfers.

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