ODEN-M Value Statement


TIMMES’ Optimized Data Environment for Network Centric Operations Multithreaded (ODEN-M) technology provides for single pass data compression ratios from 3.62:1 to 1002.16:1 dependent on file type and size.  The significance of ODEN-M is it increases storage up to 2x of the spinning drive.  ODEN-M uses multi-core technology, scaling the existing CPUs for optimum data compression.  Meaning, if there are 64 cores available, ODEN-M will efficiently use them to provide lossless data compression in seconds.  Decompression is equally fast with MD5 validated results confirming complete restoration of the original data file.  ODEN-M achieves best results with easily compressible native file formats such as PDF, XLS, CVS, DOC, and TXT.

In operation, ODEN-M’s massively parallel processor compression engine verifies the data’s micro-blocks and reverifies associated macro-blocks.  In comparison, redundant data blocks are not stored.  The performance of ODEN-M is based on linear scalability and utilization of multi-core, multi-threaded processors to dramatically reduce compression times. 

There is no other technology available today that equals the proven performance of ODEN-M for providing single-pass, lossless data compression at greatly reduced times and compression ratios.  The commercial value of ODEN-M for data storage/Cloud markets is massive.  ODEN-M is production ready for commercial deployment.