TIMMES Web Update

March 8, 2018


Dear Customers and Friends,

TIMMES is pleased to announce this website update and convey our appreciation to the many supporters over the recent months.  This support culminated in the grand opening of TIMMES’ international headquarters in Tampa Bay, Florida on February 24, 2018.  To date, TIMMES has demonstrated the new ODEN-T technology in over 20 countries showcasing dramatic smartphone performance and improvement of RF spectral efficiency.  In all respects, the reception by TELCOs across many continents has been excellent.  TIMMES is on the cusp of executing multiple contracts with established mainstream TELCO service providers.  This foundation is the basis for the forward advancement of TIMMES’ leading edge ODEN-T solution for the “spectrum crunch” present today.

This website update also provides the latest information, test results, and demonstrations of the ODEN-T technology for smartphones.  Please ensure that the presentation link under the TESTS section is viewed to observe the dramatic performance of ODEN-T on two Samsung Galaxy S7 phones.  Also documented is ODEN-T with many media types including Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.   Of particular interest is the expanded ODEN-T FAQ section for ODEN-T, answering the many questions received from TELCOs over the past year.

TIMMES’ foundational technologies for lossless data compression and teleradiology are also explained in the ABOUT US and TELERADIOLOGY sections.  In the DATA AT REST section, TIMMES introduces a new technology for protection of the Internet’s most widely used security and encryption codes. The Quantum Resistant Encryption Technology (QRET) is an emerging technology within TIMMES that leverages TIMMES’ patent portfolio.  TIMMES believes by 2025, a fully functioning quantum computer will be available achieving an exponential performance gain in processing power.  Where existing encryption codes might take years to break, quantum computers will break these same codes the first day of operation.  TIMMES QRET is the foundation for a highly robust encryption technology capable of resistance to the emerging quantum computing decryption threat.

Enjoy our web site update and please contact TIMMES’ for questions or interest in our extensive portfolio of lossless compression technologies and smartphone improvements.  TIMMES looks forward to the opportunity to meet or discuss with you.




Stelian-Doru Ticsa, President and CEO