About Us


  • (07/13/1997) Florida Registration as Privately Owned Small Business. TIMMES™, an acronym for Total Integrated Medical Management and e-Solutions, was founded to solve the inefficiencies and time-lag previously resident in the wireless transmission of data-intensive medical images and large data sets by US military personnel from the field.
  • (1999 to Present) Developed Teleradiology and Informatics Systems for a wireless, compressed, ultra-secure and lossless wavelet-based image distribution mechanism, dynamic transfer syntax named Method for the Integration of Medical Imaging Data and Content for Wireless Transmission and Remote Viewing (MIMIDCWTRV ™).
  • (2015 to Present) Leveraged the Optimized Data Environment for Network Centric Operations-T (ODEN-T) technology for smartphone performance and improved RF spectral efficiency.
  • (02/24/2018) Opened TIMMES’ International Corporate Headquarters in Tampa Bay, Florida, providing:
    • Data compression services for over 21 companies in 19 states
    • Proven ODEN-T performance for global TELECOs in over 20 countries
    • Employment for 25 to 50 personnel
    • Generation of cash positive revenue growth