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About the TIMMES team
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About Us

TIMMES’s technology is revolutionary from the ground-up.

Our Mission

To develop highly efficient, software-based data compression technologies for application to all file formats used in data storage, smartphone data transmission, teleradiology, and medical research.

We exist

To evolve TIMMES’ patent portfolio of data compression and ODEN technologies for application to the improvement of smartphone performance, increase of TELCO RF spectrum efficiency, creation of strong encryption, and optimized data storage and retrieval of large datasets.

We believe

In challenging the status quo, rethinking what's possible, and reinventing the way data is handled. What we do, has quite simply never been done before.


We can empower more people on the planet to have better access to faster data.

Who We Are In Short

TIMMES™, an acronym for Total Integrated Medical Management and e-Solutions, was founded to solve the inefficiencies and time-lag previously resident in the wireless transmission of data-intensive medical images and large data sets by US military personnel from the field.

From 1999 on, the inventors developed Teleradiology and Informatics Systems for a wireless, compressed, ultra-secure and lossless wavelet-based image distribution mechanism, dynamic transfer syntax named Method for the Integration of Medical Imaging Data and Content for Wireless Transmission and Remote Viewing (MIMIDCWTRV ™).

Beginning in 2015, Timmes Leveraged the Optimized Data Environment for Network Centric Operations-T (ODEN-T) technology for smartphone performance and improved RF spectral efficiency.

In early 2018, TIMMES’ International Corporate Headquarters in Tampa Bay, Florida opened, providing:

    • Data compression services for over 21 companies in 19 states
    • Proven ODEN-T performance for global TELCOs in over 20 countries
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Revolutionary Team

"When you reinvent data, you reinvent the world."

Doru Ticsa, CEO

"Reimagining what's possible with streaming data, is incredible."

Doug Nelson, VP

"“Data really powers everything that we do.”"

Jeff Weiner
We are TIMMES Inc.
Doru Ticsa Timmes

Dr. Stelian-Doru Ticsa / CEO

Dr. Ticsa is an accomplished, international surgeon and investor who formed the teleradiology company, TIMMES Inc., based in St. Petersburg, Florida on July 13, 1999.  Dr. Ticsa has a broad range of proven technical and business leadership roles, greatly enhancing the successful performance and growth of TIMMES Inc.

Doug Nelson Timmes

Doug Nelson / VP

Mr. Nelson has 29 years of senior electrical engineering in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) markets. He brings a vast experience of managerial knowledge to TIMMES’ from the companies he has run and mentored. Mr. Nelson and the management team are responsible for ensuring revenue growth and the execution of financial agreements and partnerships to meet TIMMES’ strategic objectives.

Philip Allison / Chief Engineer

Mr. Allison is a gifted, tenacious technologist with experience in a broad range of disciplines including lossless compression, mathematical analysis, data analytics, and compression modeling and simulation.  Mr. Allison has co-authored or directly responsible for the patents held or under review at TIMMES Inc.

Global Presence

With 4 offices around the globe and completed projects in 39 countries, Timmes truly has global reach.

Revolutionary technology

Timmes has a unique approach to everything: every patented product is unique from the ground up.

Built for the future

Timmes technologies give clients a leg-up with a current application of futuristic technology.