There are over 2 billion global broadband subscribers covered by 3G and sub 3G networks, limiting the amount of data accessed and download performance.  Typically, the cellular user receives 6X more downlink data than uplink, this is the focus area.  TIMMES has developed a unique mobile data compression and transport acceleration technology, ODEN-T, designed to reduce the effect of downlink latency at the cellular handset, particularly in areas of reduced cellular service and improve the efficiency of data throughput across existing RF spectrum.

ODEN-T is effective in improving the downlink speed and efficiency of the RF spectrum for mobile data transfer on wireless networks by utilizing compression and TCP acceleration techniques with the following characteristics:

  • Optimized for Android and iOS devices
  • Provides up to 15X improved performance on Android devices
  • Provides up to 7.5X improved performance for Apple/iOS devices
  • Works on all file and data types, including streaming use cases
  • Most impactful on 3G and below networks
  • Improves efficiency of data throughput across existing bandwidth and RF spectrum


ODEN-T Performance Metrics

File TypeSize W/OSize ODEN-TTime
W/O (sec.)
ODEN-T (sec.)
YouTube Taylor Swift Video  16 Mb 11 Mb  N/A N/A https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nfWlot6h_JM
Hackaday.com  1 Mb 275.5 kb 10 4 www.HackADay.com
NBC.com874.3 kb198.2 kb63www.NBC.com
NASA Jpeg Hubble Telescope Lo-Resolution742.2 kb113.2 kbN/AN/AHorseHead Nebula
NASA Jpeg Hubble Telescope Hi-Resolution2.44 Mb856.5 kbN/AN/AHorseHead Nebula
ODEN-T is patent protected by the United States and Trademark Office.