ODEN-T Value Statement

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TIMMES’ Optimized Data Environment for Network Centric Operations-T (ODEN-T) is a proprietary mobile data compression and transport acceleration technology designed to reduce the effect of downlink latency at the cellular handset and improve the efficiency of the TELCO’s RF spectrum.  TIMMES’ ODEN-T technology dramatically improves the downlink RF spectrum efficiency, average of 40% bandwidth savings, and reduces or eliminates handset wait times. Specifically, ODEN-T provides the following benefits:

  • Improved efficiency of downlink data transmitted over the RF bandwidth
  • Improved performance in geographic areas of reduced service coverage
  • Improved performance in geographic areas of low signal strength
  • Improved performance in highly congested areas such as urban cities
  • Reduction or elimination of handset wait time for data and video downloads
  • No reduction in optical clarity to the handset user

As ODEN-T is not an application on the smartphone, the installation requirements for ODEN-T at the TELCO are minimal.  ODEN-T will be installed at the Network Operations Center (NOC) and hosted on a transparent proxy server or cloud-based server.  Connectivity is provided via two ports, one routable to the internet and one to receive requests from the smartphone for routing to the ODEN-T proxy server.  The ODEN-T proxy server receives the smartphone data request and routes these requests to the media provider via the internet. The requested data is sent back to the ODEN-T proxy server for compression and routed to the smartphone.  Note, the data received from the ODEN-T server by the smartphone is ready for immediate viewing on receipt. An internal cache in the ODEN-T server will store any images, video, and CSS information in both the compressed and uncompressed state. IP metrics will be fed to the ODEN-T server and used to determine the outgoing and originating client IP address.  See typical ODEN-T Network Topology below:

Network Traffic

The provisioning of the handset for operation with the ODEN T proxy server is simple and can be accomplished over the air, from a website link, at point-of-sale, or direct from the OEM.  The specific requirements are as follows:

  • Installation of the ODEN-T server certificate on the handset.
  • Installation of the handset certificate on the ODEN-T server.
  • Configuration of the ODEN-T handset with the IP address of the ODEN T server.

There is no other technology comparable to ODEN-T for enhancing smartphone data performance and optimizing the efficiency of the RF spectrum.  Given the increasing growth in smartphone users, the demand for media-rich content, and the limited RF spectrum available, the potential commercial value of ODEN-T for cellular markets is huge.  ODEN-T is proven, in production, and operational today!