ODEN-T Value Statement


TIMMES’ Optimized Data Environment for Network Centric Operations T (ODEN-T) is a proprietary mobile data compression and transport acceleration technology designed to reduce the effect of downlink latency at the cellular handset and improve the efficiency of existing RF spectrum.  Even in areas of reduced cellular service coverage, ODEN-T greatly improves downlink speed and the efficiency of mobile data transfer by utilizing compression and TCP acceleration techniques.  Optimized for both Android and iOS handsets, performance improvements up to 15X for Android and up to 7.5X for iOS operating systems are achievable.  ODEN-T offers the cellular service provider increased revenue today and future revenue growth using the existing RF spectrum to increase the number of user accounts available.

For example, how many times have you selected a You Tube video for viewing in a 3G service area only to receive a spinning circle or interruptions due to buffering?  The same applies when the video quality is reduced due to reduced cellular service.  When you attempt to download that multi-MB file or PowerPoint to show a client or family member a picture, typically you wait.  With ODEN-T, these periods of lost time are eliminated or greatly reduced.  ODEN-T gives back those lost minutes in your very busy day and improves the efficiency of critical business meetings.  From a cellular service provider’s perspective, this equates to increased numbers of customers being serviced across your existing network infrastructure, meaning more revenue.

How does ODEN-T work?  When the cellular user makes a request for a You Tube video, the thin client ODEN-T application establishes a Virtual Private Connection with the TIMMES configured server; such as Amazon Web Services.  The server then passes the request to You Tube, which in turn provides the video to the server.  ODEN-T then applies TIMMES’ proprietary compression technology and sends the greatly reduced You Tube file to the Android or iOS handset for viewing.  Several real world examples of this are compression of a NASA JPEG file from 742.2kb to 113.2kb or access to the NBC News web site in half the time, 3 seconds versus 6 seconds.

There is no other technology available today that equals the proven performance of ODEN-T for enhancing cellular phone data performance in areas of reduced service and optimizing the efficiency of the RF spectrum.  Given the increasing growth in cellular handset users and limited RF spectrum, the potential commercial value of ODEN-T for cellular markets is large.  ODEN-T is production ready for commercial deployment.  ODEN-T is patent protected by the United States and Trademark Office.

For further information contact William C. Craig, TIMMES Inc., Technical Director, at William.craig@timmes.com or direct 858-232-6325.