TIMMES Web Introduction

William C. Craig
Technical, Business Development

It is with pleasure TIMMES Inc. announces the launch of our new web site presenting technologies for “Big Data” compression and analytics, efficient transmission of teleradiology images, and lossless compression of data for deep storage and retrieval. TIMMES targeted markets include commercial, medical, and defense organizations. Specifically addressing the elements of “Data-at-Rest” and “Data-in-Motion”, TIMMES’ technology enables companies to deal with the increasing cost of storage and expanding volume. TIMMES understands that storage is not inexpensive and provides companies more sensible ways to store their data so it takes up less space and costs less money.

TIMMES’ web site describes technology benefiting “Data-at-Rest”.  Through the use of patented software, Optimized Data Environment for Networks – Multi-Core (ODEN-M), we are achieving compression ratios of 3.62:1 to 1002.16:1, depending on file type, offering dramatic improvement in data storage savings.  In addition, our multithreaded technology leverages the growing availability of massively multi-core processing hardware to greatly reduce the “time-to-compress” files.  This capability benefits data storage providers with a low cost, efficient process to expeditiously compress large data files for deep, glacier storage.  For highly compressed files i.e. J2K, TIMMES offers a lossless compression technology, Lossless Discrete Numeric Compression (LDNC), capable of compression ratios greater than 3.0:1 and associated space savings for storage.  LDNC offers unique compression for DNA microarray images, government imagery, 3-D printing STL files, JPEG 2000, and associated highly compressed files.

For “Data-in-Motion” applications, TIMMES offers two technologies; Optimized Data Environment for Networks – (ODEN), and Media Agnostic Global Network Uniform Saturation (MAGNUS).  ODEN is software based transfer protocol hosted on the client and server providing dramatic reductions in effect of latency and bandwidth required for data transport.  MAGNUS is unique as it is hosted on one side of the transmission link, typically the client, improving TCP communications through utilization of TCP acceleration to reduce the effect of latency and improve bandwidth efficiency.  MAGNUS’ single site hosting reduces the complexity of the network and cost.  These technologies are in operation today providing wireless service providers, teleradiology, and military partners with a competitive advantage.

I will be sharing more with you as TIMMES’ technology evolves to meet growing markets. TIMMES’ also looks forward to your feedback and questions regarding our technology and the requirements of the growing data compression and data analytics markets.