MAGNUS Value Statement


TIMMES’ Media Agnostic Global Network Uniform Saturation Device (MAGNUS) technology accelerates data transmission and reduces the effect of latency associated with TCP satellite connections. MAGNUS only requires software to be installed on one side of the transmission string, typically the client. MAGNUS is self-tuning, with the installer, at the start of a session, setting the inbound and outbound IP address and then acting as a gateway/router. MAGNUS enhances many protocols as a wrapper thus reducing the latency associated with high bandwidth, high latency connections. Typically, over a 200Mbps link, MAGNUS provides an approximate 108X increase in performance.

In operation, MAGNUS transmits acknowledgments (ACK’s) early and dynamically adjusts how early ACK’s are sent based on the NACK’s received. According to the received NACK’s, MAGNUS manages the error correction to make up for the fact that MAGNUS has essentially already ACK’d packets or packet windows before their arrival. MAGNUS initiates re-negotiation of window sizing to assist in error management based on link conditions. MAGNUS improves overall net performance assigning user bandwidth windows equally further reducing the effects of latency. MAGNUS functions with latencies exceeding 400ms.

There is no other technology available today that equals the proven performance characteristics of MAGNUS for reducing the effects of latency while improving the speed of data transmissions. MAGNUS can be used in conjunction with other TIMMES’ technology to further reduce the effect of latency associated with TCP protocol data transfers. MAGNUS is productized and ready for commercial applications.