LDNC Value Statement

TIMMES’ Lossless Discrete Numeric Compression (LDNC) technology provides 100% lossless compression of highly compressed files including JPEG2000 (J2K), Tape Archive (TAR) Files, and National Imagery Transmission Format (NITF) files.  The TIMMES’ proprietary algorithms perform multi-pass compression of imagery to greatly reduce file size.  Typical compression ratios of greater than 3:1 are achievable over very large imagery files used in DNA research, military images, medical images, and UNIX file archives.

LDNC is currently under a TIMMES’ provisional patent and the specifics of the technology tightly controlled.  In February 2013, the performance of LDNC was evaluated by Dr. Sunil Kumar, a member of the J2K standards team, resulting in first pass space savings of 31% and third passes savings of 68%.  Dr. Kumar stated he is not aware of any technology that provides lossless compression of highly compressed files.

LDNC is unique and ground breaking technology.  There is no other technology available that can provide lossless compression of highly compressed files.  The commercial value of LDNC for medical research, medical data storage, defense imagery, and satellite imagery is unlimited.   Please contact TIMMES directly for further information on LDNC.  LDNC is patent protected by the United States and Trademark Office.

For further information contact William C. Craig, TIMMES Inc., Technical Director, at William.craig@timmes.com or direct 858-232-6325.